I am a Mom and an Activist. My goals are the health and wellbeing of myself, my family and my community. I believe strongly in the concept of sustainability and try to use this concept as a guiding principle in my own life.

I have been active in my neighbourhood ratepayers' association, the Moore Park Residents' Association, on issues such as pesticides and the repatriation of Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries, a corporation of the Crown of Ontario, back to the community for whom it was created. I would like to share my thoughts and experiences, in regard to restoring "Upper Canada's First Public Ownership Trust" back to the public realm, with you.


On Monday May 7th 2012, MPP Christine Elliott began questioning Attorney General John Gerretson in the Ontario Legislature regarding MPGC's lack of accountability and transparency to Ontario.

Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries made a new post on their website called 'setting the record straight'.

Please see our response here.


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